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Long Term Care

An analysis by Gerontology reveals that consistent nursing and administrative leadership, the use of team and group processes and an active quality improvement program must be in place in order for basic resident care to be accomplished.

Go Lean has developed programs and strategies that improve the delivery of resident care through the application of lean tools by facility clinical staff and Administrators.  The application of lean tools provides the opportunity for improved quality care for less cost.

, Inc. is influenced by three sets of guidance in dealing with long term care performance improvement issues:

    1. CMS’ Eighth Scope of Work and Ninth Scope of Work.  These are the current yardstick for quality improvement (QI) in the long term care industry.
    2. Gerontology’s research on facilities with good resident outcomes
    3. Research at the University of Minnesota by Leslie Grant and Laverne Norton to implement and attain the Four Stages of Cultural Change in long term care facilities

Each espouses and requires transformational change, process redesign and culture change. Lean engineering tools and Six Sigma technology provide us the means to assist long term care provides in implementing change and process improvement at the system level.

We have developed specific Evaluation Tools that focus on defining areas requiring improvement and Rapid Performance Improvement Techniques.

    • P3, Path to Perfect Process.  Lean Simulation.
    • The Business Case for Lean in Long Term Care
    • The 'systems' approach to Referrals, Admissions, and Assessment
    • Incident Analysis and Prevention. 
    • Directed Plan of Correction consulting using root cause analysis
    • Skilled Nursing Facility Report Card
    • Leading Lean