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Hospital & Clinics

Go Lean is involved with the Joint Commission, the American Hospital Association and the Automotive Industry Action Group to raise the level of quality of care and improve clinical and process performance to meet customer and payer performance expectations.

Our focus matches both the Joint Commission and the American Hospital Association's priorities of explaining the business case for quality to hospital leadership and engaging leaders and hospital staff in quality improvement strategies and processes including cultural change.

Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors Offices all face identical situations in an environment characterized by:

    • Rising costs
    • Declining reimbursements
    • Increasing customer demands
    • Increased payer expectations
    • Increased liability and risks
Economic Environment

As we work with hospital leaders to build an understanding of the business case for implementing lean tools and performance improvement technologies, we work with clinical/functional departments to eliminate waste, implement standardized work in processes that are supportive of the diagnosis and clinical process. The application of lean tools at department level is focused on the CMS priorities.

How will Go Lean assist health care providers meet these challenges while delivering better care and increasing profitability?

Hospital C-Suite Executives

    • C-Suite Simulation.
    • The Business Case for Lean
    • Leading Lean
    • Leading a Matrix Organization
    • Leading Transformational Change

Hospital Functional Departments

    • P3, Path to Perfect Process. Lean Simulation.
    • Supply Chain management
    • Smoothing clinical care processes.
    • Applying lean tools to process and records
    • Implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    • Implementation of Evidence-Based Medicine