Cultural and Transformational Change

3 Types of Culture Change

    1. Developmental Change: Natural Growth:  Managing Developmental Change is very much like raising children.
    2. Transitional Change: Moving to a Known State.  Defensive change implemented carefully to protect the nature and the character of the enterprise
    3. Transformational Change: Moving into the Unknown.  The success of leaders of Transformational Change depends more on vision than on analysis, more on learning than on knowing.

Driving Change

    • Is there something obvious that drives change?  How do we get from Current State to Future State?
    • It starts with clear vision, aligned leadership, systems thinking, and collaborative vs. transactional behavior
    • How do we get these?  TEACH THE NEW REALITY. The way we change is a human intervention, based in a set of habits.
    • Start the process of growing leaders a using structured career progression, a structured technical/human skill development process and  a structured leadership development process

Expectations for a “Lean” Culture

Leaders that adopt a “Lean” operating culture will have these expectations:

    • What they implement must fit and facilitate their Vision and business strategies.
    • They will look to build a culture that improves external relationships with suppliers and partners.
    • The “Lean” Culture seeks collaborative rather than transactional behavior.
    • The result is a “Lean” Culture providing sustainable operational and fiscal improvement.