Why ?

The path to excellence in the healthcare industry is to strengthen the enterprise by applying Six Sigma technology and lean tools to analyze and redesign processes that eliminate waste and increase metrics-based standardized work. Our objective is to work with your staff, drawing on their knowledge and experience as we work together to transform processes and systems. Our approach builds ownership in the change process as the transformation builds a learning organization that is focused on continuous improvement and patient/resident centered care.


, Inc. has 75 years experience in analyzing and reengineering complex processes in engineering, sales and marketing and manufacturing.  We understand how to focus the tension from competing functions to generate energy that optimizes results and provides value to the customer.  Our experience in healthcare has shown that real solutions lie in transformational change.  Our ability to apply the correct tools and create transformational change comes from broad and diverse experience in building and implementing complex, human and technical processes to deliver value to the customer on a global scale.  Our process is repeatable and includes sufficient variation to accommodate our clients’ special needs.

Rapid Improvement

, Inc. is focused on assisting health care providers to change, providing the path that leads to Customer Centered Care and Evidence-Based Management and culture change. We will travel the path as fast as you can. Our intent is for you to be successful at transforming your organization.

Commitment to Our Customers

We are most effective when we are immersed in our client’s business and living in the business we work in. We contract with our clients to tell the truth about organizational structure, policy, procedure and performance, and personal and professional behavior. We will always risk an engagement (our job and reputation) for the truth. We will ALWAYS Walk the Talk. We read and learn and blend leading edge material with our broad and diverse experience.