, Inc. provides consulting and lean engineering tools like Six Sigma that can help businesses identify and eliminate waste, and install standardized work and metric-based measurement systems.  These systems improve performance and build a continuous improvement mentality in the organization. This “Transformational Change” creates an organization ready to continue addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Approach
Our approach is to strengthen the enterprise by applying lean engineering tools, including Six Sigma technology, to analyze, redesign and implement processes that eliminate waste and increase metrics-based standardized work. Our objective is to work with your staff, drawing on their knowledge and experience to transform processes and systems.

Our profession is fixing processes, improving performance and creating cultures focused on continuous improvement. Our approach builds ownership in the process and focuses on the system level. It is repeatable and are sufficiently flexible to accommodate our clients' special needs.

Commitment to Our Customers

We are performance improvement professionals. We are as effective working in a hospital or long term care facility as we are working in an assembly plant, department store or office environment.

Our process recognizes and fixes performance lapses in processes that belong to industries and professions. Location does not matter. We have improved performance from Michigan to Siberia.

We are most effective when we are immersed in our client's business. We contract with our clients to tell the truth about organizational structure, policy, procedure, performance, and personal and professional behavior. We blend leading edge material with our broad and diverse experience.

The Challenge
Is your organization being challenged? The principals and staff at Go Lean are prepared to assist in answering the current and future challenges. 

Transformational Change